Amid the dark, rolling hills of St. Augusta-terror has struck. Through the fields and the woods lie the creepiest, scariest, most heart-pounding horrors imaginable. Perhaps you'll want to go there, because maybe it's thrilling? Or maybe it's too horrifying. In October we dare you to see it for yourself. The Harvest of Horror is a hayride you will never forget. In the cornfields, through the woods, you'll encounter-well-who knows what might come your way. The Harvest of Horror-October 2nd through 30th. Come, if you have the guts.

This year's Harvest of Horror begins with a hayride through ​​the fields of St. Augusta. If you make it through alive, you will be terrorized in the timbers where "life forms" lurk in the forest. If you're lucky, you will be thrust into the darkness of a corn field where creepy beings exist. Next you will be plunged into the total darkness of a haunted house where you will encounter bone chilling vermin. Still alive... then come back into the forest where mutants will gladly welcome your visit. Is your heart still pumping? If yes, come and find your way though the tall and elusive cornstalks trying not to be plucked out and dragged into the darkness in order to be consumed! Come, if you have the guts!

The Harvest of Horror is a partnership between a non-profit and private organization in the central Minnesota area. Each year a portion of the proceeds benefit the non-profit. Since 2011, over $90,940 has been raised! Thanks for helping make this a great event!

The Harvest of Horror is open rain or shine. Tickets are sold until 10:45pm.