All of us at Harvest of Horror realize the importance of keeping you safe and healthy when on our grounds. Here is what we have put into place to ensure your safety:

  • There are markers in the areas of both our ticket line and where you’ll be waiting to start your experience. These markers will remind you to stay at least six feet apart from the next person or group of people. We kindly ask that you observe this request and follow it as best you can.
  • There will be an option to not participate in the trolley portion of the event if you feel too close to other people when doing so. Instead, you’ll be able to proceed directly to the walking portion where patrons will have more room to socially distance.
  • There is hand sanitizer available at each of our two concession windows.
  • While not required for an outdoor event like this, we still strongly suggest you wear a mask while on our grounds. If you don’t have a mask with you, please talk to one of our concession workers. We have a limited number of free masks available, and will hand those out while supplies last.
  • When you arrive at our event, please tune your radio to 99.1 FM for additional information and directions.

Finally, our staff has received training on how to limit the spread of COVID-19 and they thank you for helping us make this a safe and fun event for everyone! Enjoy your experience at Harvest of Horror. We hope you make it out alive!